Outdoor Guiding Service
at Lake Toya, Hokkaido, JAPAN

- Canoeing Short Tour -

- First SUP session -

- Onto the island Into the forest -

Nature Walk

IMPORTANT: please understand…

This is a small service run by myself.
 -> Please have a broad mind for some inconvenience.

All paddlers need to understand the language we use in tour.
 -> We can ONLY guide in [Japanese] or [English].
   We might have to decline your request, even at reception,
   If we cannot communicate in those languages.
 -> This is primarily for the sake of your safety during water activities.
   When there is sudden weather change(e.g. waves and winds)
   coming toward us, we need to ask you to control your vessel
   so that you won`t flip and end up swimming.
 -> Imagine if you hear that vital information from other translator,
   a minute too late, and that information might not be accurate.
 -> Our guide service DO NOT use [Chinese; Mandarin or Cantonese],
   or [Korean] as guiding languages.
 -> For above reason, we cannot accept “your friend in Japan”
   sending application for you. You need to read and understand our
   policy for your safe experience.

For nature tours(Superb, Nakajima, Winter, Private tour)
 -> It is OK to include people who cannot speak Japanese or English,
   please translate within your group.

Tour will be reserved as "First-come, first-served" .
 -> When English-speaking guests reserve first, the particular tour slot
   will be all guided in English and vice versa.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Toya guide center
Yuji Ogawa, Owner

Lake Toya, Hokkaido How to have a nice stay

living volcano

clear lake

beautiful Wildelife

Beautiful Wildlife

Deep Green Forest

Deep Green Forest

Big Blue Sky

Big Blue Sky

And Colors

And Colors...

We instruct the activity and guide the lake, Hokkaido nature in English when we do an English tour.
It would be easier for you to communicate if we talk directly.  
That makes your tour safer, also you could hear more about Hokkaido nature from the guide. 
You do not need a translator on board. We charge 2000 JPY/person/hour as an English-guiding fee.
e.g.) Canoeing short touring is 1.5 hour tour = 3000 JPY/person is added to the original fare.

Green Season tours

Canadian canoeing,
Nature walking, 

round-a-lake-photo session.  


White season tours

round-a-lake-photo session, 
and skiing lessons.  
Private tour is available throughout the year.


Toya Guide Center

We are an outdoor guiding service here at lake Toya, Hokkaido Japan.​

We provide guided tours year-round.
 All tours will be guided/supervised by "Hokkaido Governor certified" professional guide since 2002.