For all tours

Please read the following carefully, so that you could have a safe experience.

・Here are the things you need to know for all tours.

Health Information:

- You cannot join our tour when you are pregnant because of our insurance policy.

- Any allergy / medical information we need to know in advance?

->in some courses, we plan to serve you some local sweets during the tour.

Please let us know if any allergy that we need to know about.

 -> Other medical information: such as body injury or chronic disease.

 -> Please bring adequate medicine/treatment if you need it on trip. 

 * We have regular "Wilderness First Aid" training, we may be able to help you in such cases.

Hospital Information

Hokkaido is big.  It may take more time and distance when you need medical attention.
Here are map of hospitals and drug-stores you might want to know.

Monthly average temp 

in Iburi (ave. high/ ave. low) in Celcius

Jan: -5.4(-1.2/-10.0)
Feb: -3.7(+0.8/-8.9)
Mar: +2.4(+7.5/-2.9)
Apr: +6.8(+11.9/+1.0)
Nov: +5.6(+10.4/+0.6)
Dec: -2.1(+2.1/-6.1)

・Cancel and refund policy is as follows:

Following cancellation fee will apply when you decide near your participation.
Please tell us if you decide to cancel your reservations.

Exceptions: There is no fee required if you are, or you have...
Infectious or acute disease / injury / car accidents / public transportation failure due to bad weather.

Now to 10 days before tour: 0%
9 days to 3 days : 30%
3 days to day before: 50%
The day: 100%

We will "credit-back" your payment according to above dates.


・Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)