White Season Tours

Weak sunlight, dull reflection on a quiet lake, trees in white dress, sparkling snow dance in the crisp air....
There is no one on the lakeshore. Scenery is all yours to find and enjoy. We drive, we hike with snowshoes...

Kids are welcome in some courses, when you like to enjoy winter Hokkaido with your family.

Like to see spots where has beautiful scenery.
Like to see "only in winter" scenes.
For who like to keep beutiful shot of lake Toya.

Guide will take you to spots where "not shown on guidebooks".

Reservation process

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Sending "Reques" for your tour

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Answer from us

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Request to Reservation

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Contact from us the day before tour

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On the day of tour

We will meet you @ announced location.

Cancellation policies and precautions

Here are the things you need to know for all tours. There`s also information for things to bring and what to wear according to seasons or activities.

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