Stand Up Paddleboarding(SUP)

・For all tours

Here are the things you need to know for all tours.
(Health Information, Monthly average temp , Cancel and refund policy, FAQs)

Recommended outfit, things to bring

We prepare Personal Floating Device(PFD) for everyone. Please wear on your clothes.
・It varies depending on water temperature.
・You can change clothes in our "changing one-person tent" or public bathrooms.
・Please be responsible for your other belongings.

When water is still cold to swim:June to mid July, early September

・Wetsuits are probably recommended.
 →If you like to use our wetsuits, please tell us your: height and weight when you apply.
・Please wear swim wear under wetsuits.
・Sports shoes/sandals(this is water activity)

When water is OK to swim:mid July to late August

・Normally we do not wear wetsuits.
・Rash gurad with swim wear inside
・Swim wear, leggins or half pants
・Sports shoes/sandals(this is water activity)

Clothes we do not recommend.

・People with glasses/contact lense.
 We have some spare glass-strap at sight, better not lose your contact lense in water.
・Please remove watch, accessories before going to water.

Things to bring

・Full set of changing clotehs including some towels(Almost everyone end up swimming)
・Bath towel, Face towel
・Sunscreen(your face, hand, feet are exposed)
・Some plastic bags for wet clothes.

Acknowledgement of Risks form / Accident Insurance

・All participants need to read and understand our "Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk form".
 Please print, sign and hand in when we meet. You can download at bottom on this page.

・Our insurance information is also shown in the form.

Place to meet

・Place to meet
 There are two possible scenarios; the guide will decide and e-mail you the day before your tour.

・Our vehicle
 Photo of our vehicle is attached on "Meeting location" PDF for easy eye-catch.

A) weather is fine, wind from South with some waves, so we go as planned

 Ukimidou parking (浮見堂公園駐車場)



B) weather not suitable for canoeing

 ->Tour will be cancelled, your payment will be fully refunded

 (some transaction fee will be subducted by credit company)

People without cars

You need to use A)public bus or B)taxi/cab

A) public bus( Do-nan bus) : 600 JPY oneway

・Here are timetable for do-nan bus coming to our area. It departs from bus terminal @ lake Toya hotsprings.(Toya Sales Office 0142-75-2351)

・Bus going to Sapporo station also stops near our area, 水の駅(Mizu-no-eki), this needs reservation at least 2 hours before departure.For English speakers, please go to bus terminal for reservation.

- Lake Toya bus terminal - Toya Mizu no Eki : 600 JPY/ea.
- Lake Toya bus terminal - Toya Mizu no Ekno Ie : 570 JPY/ea.

Lake Toya bus terminal → Toya Mizu no Eki (Bold line needs reservation till 2 hours before departure)
Toyako OnsenIkoi-no-ieToya mizunoeki
7:10(Lake Toya-Sapporo route)7:29
7:45(Lake Toya-Iwaya route)8:068:13
9:50(Lake Toya-Sapporo route)10:09
13:00(Lake Toya-Iwaya route)13:2113:28
Toya Mizu no Eki→Lake Toya bus terminal (Bold line needs reservation till 2 hours before departure)
Toya mizunoekiIkoi-no-ieToyako Onsen
13:49(Sapporo–Lake Toya route)14:10
13:53(Iwaya-Lake Toya route)13:5614:21
16:39(Sapporo–Lake Toya route)17:00
17:28(Iwaya-Lake Toya route)17:3117:58

B) Taxi/cab (Reservation necessary)

Approx. fare would be around 4500 JPY oneway.
You need to reserve the ride.

TOYA    DONANTAXY 0142-75-2277

・MEISEI TAXY 0142-75-2266
 Toya Sales Office(next to the Toyako Onsen bus station)