Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some of frequently asked questions.
It maybe easier to understand what to expect, and what not to.
Please feel free to ask us other questions and inquiries through e-mail.

Canoeing/Stand Up Paddleboarding(SUP)

Have never canoed before, am I OK?

We always have a on-land-lesson for how to paddle and balancing on water. More than 99% of our guests come back with dry clothes.

How many people can be on one canoe?

Our Canadian canoe is normally for 2 adults. When there are small children, then 3 or sometimes 4 people on one canoe.
Guide on the day would see you and decide what would be a safe way to go.

Do we get wet by canoeing?

This is a "water leisure". You might get wet mostly below knee.

What would be an appropriate outfit?

Please refer our "things to bring" pdf, they are different by season.

Are those canoes easy to flip-over?

Not really in our tour, but possible. You should be OK as long as you listen to our instructions. Many finish canoeing with dry clothes.

I cannot swim.....

All paddlers must wear life-jackets. This will make your body "float" on water when used properly.
Even when you fall into water, our guide should be near you for quick rescue.

Is it strenuous? Should I be OK?

Guide will see you paddle, and adjust the amout of paddling and distance. Most of our guests comments " I am tired, but also very refreshed!"

Any chance to take photo during canoe?

Yes, but a bit later, you need to get used to paddle and balance on water first.
We recommend to keep camera/smartphone in dry bag till then. Later its all OK. Please keep them safe, it is your responsiblity.
Guide are all welcome to take your photo by borrowing your device. Feel free to ask us.

Nature tour(Nakajima island)

How long do we walk?

We normally spend approx. 2 hours on the island. Guide would adjust the length and gradient according to guests.
You can shorten the time we walk, please feel free to ask.

Do we always encounter wildlife such as deer?

They llive in wild, can sense human from long distance.
Let us assume you are very lucky if you see one.

What would be an appropriate outfit?

Please refer our "things to bring" pdf, they are different by season.

We have used your(our) service before...

Please tell us if you have used our service before. We can think of something or somewhat different from 1st time.

All tours

Is reservation necessary for tours?

Yes, reservation is necessary for ALL tours.
・We meet at starting point of each tour, not our office. So, we are not there unless you have a reservation with us.
・Please send us "Request Form" if you like to participate our tour.
Our tour booking is based on "First-come, first-served". We may not be able to take reservation especially our busy periods such as Japanese summer school vacation(late July to Mid August) .
Early booking is recommended.

I`m a bit worried about weather on the tour day, will it be OK?

We may, according to weather condition of the day, cancel our tour.
We always pay close attention to several weather forecasts, including actual observation of the sky. We would decide we would go or not go. On this case, there should be no cancelling fee necessary.
We may discontinue the ongoing tour, when we observe sudden changes in weather or lake conditon. We may pay back part of tour fare according to our policy.

What should I bring for the tour?

There should be nothing "special" to bring. For clothing and items suitable for each tour, please refer [For all participants]

Canoeing/ Stand Up Paddleboarding/ Nature tour(Nakajima island)/ Private tour / Snowshoeing

Is Hokkaido cold?

It is a tough question... We are the northern portion of Japan, so it should be colder than Tokyo. However, conditions very quite a bit even within Hokkaido. We always recommend to bring clothes " one season colder". When participating in summer, bring spring jacket just in case, for example.
i.e. you may need thin down jacket even in summer just, just in case.